Saturday, October 24, 2009


This morning, I was left speechless by my mom's last words she left me as we hung up the phone. Her words to me were "don't regret the things/mistakes that happened in your past, however don't do things in your present and future that you'll end up regretting." And shortly after we hung up, I sat on my bed restating the words she has told me. I mean, I seen similar saying that like in quotes by other people, but for some reason it only inspires me so much when my mom is the one to say that to me, ya'know?! Like daaaaamn, I don't know but all I can say is......I was left speechless & I liked the feeling. :) Catch my drift ?, hope so. Hmmm, anyways.... today's a typical Saturday morning. I got up, phoned my okasan (mom in japanese), made my bed, ate a banana, drank a yogurt drink, put the dried dishes away, make tea, FaceBook'd, MySpace'd, called my brother (who didn't pick up :[ ), and made this blog.

Anyone heard the new Rihanna song called "Russian Roulette"? I'm not quite sure if I like it or not, yet it's on repeat on my iTunes, how lovely. LOLS! :) Alright, well I just finished updating my ipod so therefore it means that I must be on my way out to the gym to burn those fat colories that looooves to hug my body. :)

I'm still waiting for my brother to call me.....feels like I haven't talked to him a long ass time (pardon my language!). Sighhhhh. I don't like playing phonetag. =/ Hmph, okay I think I'm done with this blog. I'll be sure to update later though! Until then, toodles & have a great day! :)

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